Not all sheds are alike. Here are a few things to consider for your project before committing to build …

  • Choose wisely. There are many types of garages, sheds, carports and awnings available on the market and the cheapest price may not always represent the best value.
  • Consider the various styles of construction offered and ensure that the structure you are choosing will add value to your dwelling, function in the best possible manner and be adaptable for future uses.
  • When comparing prices be sure you are comparing apples with apples, both in the materials and the services being offered.
  • Only purchase from a licensed builder or supplier. Some suppliers are not licensed to build.
  • If you are required to be an owner-builder, be aware of your responsibilities for workers compensation, public liability and Home Owners Warranty insurance. If unsure, check with the NSW Department of Fair Trading who will advise you in detail of the requirements.
  • Most garages require the approval of your local council. Be sure your builder has the appropriate council consent to erect the structure, holds the correct licenses and insurances to cover you for the work undertaken.
  • We thank you for visiting our website & please feel free to contact us by fax, phone or email at anytime or visit our display village at Cardiff for further assistance.
Our second project with Bradville. Easy, no fuss from start to finish.

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